us.kotopool.work is the first Koto mining pool located in the United States!

Low Ping, High Availability

Server: US / Fee: 1% / Minimum payout: 0.1 Koto

Latest Update

2018/1/18: Payment was stuck and fixed, sorry for the delay.

2018/1/12: Hello!

Network Stats
Block 106072
Difficulty 59065.66
Hashrate 8.15 MHash/s
Pool Stats
Hashrate 144.49 KHash/s/s
Miners 32
Workers 53
Paid 185326.59 Koto
Found blocks 1966 Blocks
Pool Specs
CPU 4 Cores / 4 Threads
Network 100Mbps
Location United States
Getting started

Koto is mineable only Yescrypt compatible miner. Eligible miners are displayed at below this column.

./minerd -a yescrypt -o stratum+tcp://us.kotopool.work:{PORT} -u {YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS} -p {anything}

You have to choose port by your cpu spec.

Port Vardiff Recommended for
3332 0.1 Mobile Processors
3333 0.5 Normal
3334 1 High-end
3335 4 Cloud mining